Back in the day (around 1st to 2nd century AD) a group of weirdos started popping up at churches and teaching really weird stuff. This group of weirdos was known as the Gnostics. Now the Gnostics taught lots of weird stuff, but for this blogs purpose I'll only mention one. According to the Gnostics (Greek word for knowledge) Jesus had given a specific group of people secret gnosis or knowledge that he had given to no one else. This secret knowledge was only available to a select few and the Gnostics were it. And according to them it was through the attainment of this secret knowledge that one could experience salvation. 

But here's the problem. The Gnostics "secret" knowledge was bogus. Still, that didn't stop tons of people from gravitating toward their teachings. Somehow, the simplicity of Jesus message was just too simple for some folk. They were after secret knowledge because it sounded, well, really cool.

The same is true today. Many of us are searching for the one secret that will help us become spiritual champions. Some of you who opened this blog probably read the title and thought, Yes! This is what I need! I wonder what Marcos will write? And so here it is. The one secret to help you become a spiritual champion is that there is no secret. But of course, the secret that there is no secret is really no secret at all.

Growing in Jesus is so simple our human tendency for complexity and weirdness and mysterious gets in the way. Study the Bible. Talk to God. Share His love. Serve others. Stay in community. That's it. And its so ridiculously simple, we simply don't do it.

In the next few months I'll write about each of these. Today I want to focus specifically on the last one - Stay in Community. So here are some steps for you to apply to your life:

  1. Ask God to bring people into your life who can help you in your spiritual journey.
  2. Ask God to make you the right person to help someone else in their journey as well.
  3. Expect for the people God brings to be imperfect and struggling as much as you are.
  4. Don't over-complicate it. It may be people you already know and see all the time.
  5. Ask them (preferably 2 others who are your same gender) to be a part of your spiritual journey.
  6. Commit to meeting weekly or fortnightly to talk faith, life, and struggle.
    1. Faith: Talk about your relationship with God and share how God has spoken to you recently (scripture, song, art, sermon, experience etc.)
    2. Life: Talk about life and all things therein.
    3. Struggle: Talk about your temptations, doubts, fears etc. Encourage one another and pray.
  7. Be creative! Don't just sit there every week and read the Bible. Mix it up a little, be eclectic, and perhaps even a bit weird. The only rule is to keep the faith, life, and struggle paradigm. Other than that you are free to make of It what you wish!

There is no secret to spiritual growth guys! Study the Bible. Talk to God. Share His love. Serve others. Stay in community. That's it. In today's post I focused on the last one as its one that we often do little of. You have been equipped. So make it happen!

PS. Don't forget Bible classes start at Livo this Friday 7-830pm!