The Livingston Youth exist to SHARE God’s love by EMPOWERING one another to ENGAGE our communities and KNOW God intimately.


The Livingston teens meet at the church every Saturday morning at 9.30 am for pancakes and Bible study. During this time they get to know each other more, explore what the Bible says on a variety of topics, and experience God through prayer. Below are some other activities that your teens can participate in:


Pathfinders is a Christian-based youth association for 10-15 year olds. Run by qualified and committed leaders, Pathfinders participate in a range of activities including caving, camping, canoeing, water activities, abseiling, hiking and crafts.

Awards are presented upon achievement of various skills. Through Pathfinders, young people grow spiritually and develop important life values such as teamwork, commitment and self-respect.


The Livingston youth meet at the church every Saturday morning at 9:30 am to catch up, study the Bible, and occasionally eat pancakes. With a variety of teachers - most of whom are youth themselves - the Livingston youth Bible study is a great place to grow in faith and community. Below are some other activities that you can participate in:

Youth Church

Once a month the church service is run entirely by youth. The singing, theme, and atmosphere is given over to the youth to take charge and create a space that is both exciting and inviting. If you have been considering giving church a try but find yourself a bit scared, this service is designed with you in mind. 

Nacho Friday

Nacho Friday is all about nachos and conversations. Its a neat space for teens and youth to come together, enjoy some good food, connect with each other, engage in spontaneous worship, and have organic conversations about life, God, and everything in between. Nacho Friday takes place 5 times a year on a Friday night.

Worship Nights

Sometimes we simply have to slow down, get together, and just sing out our hearts for God. Hosted once a quarter Worship Nights aim to be a warm and down-to-earth space for youth to gather for only one purpose - to praise God.


The Livingston Young Adults meet at the church every Saturday morning at 9:30 am to catch up and explore how their faith relates to life. Many Young Adults are just beginning their careers, purchasing their first home, newly married, new parents, uni students, or just trying to put the pieces of their life together. As such this stage of life can be overwhelming. If this is you, the Young Adult Bible study group is a place where you can connect with others who both relate and can encourage your faith-journey. And if you are a young family, don't forget to check out our Families page for some great stuff! Make sure you talk to the greeting team as they will help you find the best place for you to connect!

Tough Talks

Tough Talks is a monthly youth get together where the youth get a chance to explore questions related to faith that are both relevant and tricky. Usually hosted on the third Friday of the month, Tough Talks is a safe space to engage in conversation about hot topics that interest youth in a safe and inclusive manner.

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As part of the Seventh-day Adventist community in Australia, Livingston SDA Church works in harmony with Safe Place Services (a service of the SDA church in Australia and New Zealand) to help keep our kids and families safe. To read through our Child Safety policies click here.