On Saturday night, August 13th, the Livingston SDA church put on an event to remember. Organized by women's ministry leader Sonya Goltz and hosted by Mike Warchol, Carl Johns, and Graeme Harders the night featured performances, costumes, and vibes that took the attendants all the way back to the era of fashion - the 1970's.

The goal of the program was to raise money for an orphanage in Vietnam which Livingston church has chosen to support both financially and personally through a mission trip in September that will take registered church members to the land of the ascending dragon. The project has been organized by the Livingston Missions team with the leadership of church members like Stephen Jones and Sue Bylund (among many others) and supported by the church at large.

An estimated $1,200 was raised during the event known as "Soul Train". The night was jam packed with performances from poems, songs, skits and even a stand-up comedy. And of course, who can forget the food? All in all, it looks like Livingston is on its way to making a big difference in the life of many children. Keep us in your prayers!

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