Pastor Marcos Torres at Livingston Church

Pastor Marcos Torres at Livingston Church

This year the Livingston SDA Church has decided to take its spiritual journey to the next level - through a series of Bible classes taught by associate pastor Marcos Torres. Beginning in April and working though set dates the classes aim to teach the basic story of scripture, Adventist distinctives, practical spirituality (such as how to read your Bible, pray etc.), and relevant outreach/ evangelism. 

The aim of the classes is simple: To nurture spiritual growth through the knowledge of Jesus Christ. However, pastor Marcos is not simply aiming at increasing head knowledge. "I want these classes to not only ground people in sound doctrine" he says, "but also to lead them to be agents of change in our world and - to borrow pastor Paul's words - to be restorers of love in our communities."

When asked what one can expect from each class, Marcos replies "The classes are intense but enjoyable. Unfortunately, due to time limitations I had to select a 2 hour slot for each class which can be a bit tough especially since one of the aims of these classes is to ground people in good, sound theology. Another aim to is equip them to build truth-seeking relationships with people of other faiths so at times we delve into other worldviews such as atheism, Buddhism etc. As a result each class is relatively deep and one really needs to use the mind and be alert to get the most out of them. But so far people seem to be enjoying it and many of those who came the first time are returning again. So I would say, come prepared to think, ask, and think some more. But also be prepared to be inspired and challenged to take the truth and make a positive difference with it in our world."

The classes are free and are held Friday nights at 7pm. However, due to scheduling limitations the classes are not offered each Friday so make sure to check the dates of each class as they come in the poster below. In addition, click here for more in formation on each class and follow us on Facebook to stay updated with event invites.